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Best Free Blogging Plate forms 2021

The platforms which will in general offer free blogging types of assistance resembles a help to the youthful age who are keen on blogging.

Top free blogging platforms with complete guide 2021

1) Blogger

Blogger is the most established player right now. It is probably the most established platform for blogging. The platform is easy to utilize and has a straightforward structure. One can without much of a stretch enhance the blog with the assistance of as of now included highlights here.

Likewise with its look and gorgeous features, an expert looking website is consistently on the cards. We can likewise include our bought space here right now.

The greatest bit of leeway of this Platform is that it gives a SSL endorsement which upgrades site authority at zero cost.

Blogging here is sans strain on the grounds that the blog is facilitated on Google’s server thus the complete security is dealt with by Google itself.

Despite the fact that the SEO points of interest are limited here it’s in every case great to go for a free webpage like blogger.

Alongside it, the clients help comes up, as it doesn’t comprise of any client care. All things considered, one can undoubtedly turn upward on the web for any questions.

2) WordPress


WordPress is one of the most well known free blogging destinations accessible on the Internet. One can without much of a hustle sign-in and gain admittance to one of the most remarkable blogging website.

One can without much of a problem set up the blog without anyone else and as it is self-facilitated, one can have full command over their website. Albeit restricted, still the free form of WordPress has enough features for streamlining the blog well.

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Utilizing this Platform can truly support the blog destinations SEO, through its distinctive modules and keyword targets. With its SEO feature and portable well disposed structures, it in this manner assists with stacking the blog run fast.


Be that as it may, the security is here as you are the proprietor of the blog, thus its security ought to be taken consideration exclusively without any hustle except if a specialist is procured.


This Platform based on PHP which along these lines makes the blog lightweight and makes it simpler to stack. WordPress additionally has sublime client service which is at illuminating the questions of the clients.

3) Medium

Medium is another site to search for among the list of all free blogging locales that give free blogging. The explanation this Platform holds a preferred position is its crowd base.

With almost 60 million of its clients, it in this manner gives presentation to our blog entry and can clearly give a lift to our blogging profession .

Its basic structure gives a best client experience and facilitates grinding away. This Platform, all in all, has high power and keeps making quality backlinks to rank higher.

Accordingly blogging right now without a doubt elevate our blog considering legitimate advances followed.

The main issue looked here is, you are not given the full command over the blog. Thus a few changes can’t be done because of such limitations.

All things considered, it has a perfect CMS which causes us include pages quiet. Considering this stage for blogging can truly turn valuable while settling on free.

4) Wix

Wix is one among the rundown of all free blog Platform that give free blogging. It has numerous topics and structures to offer.

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The customization technique here is to such an extent that, one can without much of a stretch plan the blog by its simplified office. The back-end usefulness is dealt with by WIX itself.

The features of the blog is extremely basic whenever done physically. Likewise, it has a WixAi which serves to arrangement the blog by simply noting a couple of its inquiries.

The Platform is improved so that it stacks quicker and give an incredible client experience. The main problem here is that the ideal yield isn’t acquired in view of the simplified choice.

Additionally, the client service of this stage is acceptable and they give answers for individuals’ questions.

Beginning a blogging vocation in the Wix can be gainful at the underlying level at practically liberated from cost.

5) Weebly

Weebly is additionally in the rundown of all free blogging destinations that give free blogging. One can without much of a stretch simplified the layout and fastens and give a decent look to their web journals.

Like most different stages, Weebly likewise comprises of sidebars, structures, advertisement spaces, internet based life symbols, and so forth.

The security of your information is dealt with right now likewise insurance against spam is given.

In spite of the fact that advance settings can’t be changed here as one doesn’t have full power over the blog.

With the capacity of 500MB, we can transfer and store the same number of records, pictures, recordings here. SSL endorsement is furnished with the free assistance even which is incredible.

Discussing client service, at that point great help is given here to the comfort of many. The works should likewise be possible here effortlessly due to offer help.

6) Jimdo

Jimbo is another stage among the rundown of all free blog locales that give free blogging. One can without much of a stretch host area and begin blogging right now. This is a flexible stage to go with if searching for a free blogging webpage.

One or more purpose of this stage is that it’s fueled by AI thus it truly takes under 3-4 minutes to set up the blog. Responding to a couple of inquiries is sufficient to naturally set up the blog.

The simplified choice here gives comfort in planning the blog. The restriction of plans here is the main thing to stress over.

What is hosting and types of hosting ?

What is Hosting?

If you I want to know what is hosting we are going to explain your web hosting in minimum time we are going to provide you latest information which are beneficial for your business tips and tricks to choose the web hosting with minimum cost and maximum feature list full stop as you know hosting is the main criteria of the the website hosting is also providing the speed DNS space for your website. If you want to earn money online we are providing best digital marketing training for the new students who wants to learn digital marketing and earn money online.

In case of blogging new students don’t know the importance of hosting and they have to face problems later like website crashing website hanging virus is and most importantly lost of data

But don’t worry we are going to provide you all information about web hosting and this article you have all the info about web hosting in this article
In easy language web hosting is is the backbone of the website. Web hosting is the space which allows you to to publish your website on internet and they are providing you some space after some cost by which you can able to access your data online from many computers. You can able to upload your files photos videos task on the web service. It is also known as a special computer which is connected to the internet 24/7 you can host your cover website on this computers there are a number of websites companies which are offering these services like Godaddy hosting a blue and bluehost namecheap name

The Service also known as the web host service you have to pay a certain amount annually to get the service you can I buy 2 get 3 free SSL services with this posting tags.

How web hosting works

When somebody lost their websites on the web server Dawat holder contains files photos videos and the HTML files in a folder which is constructed in the web hosting server. When you connect your domain with your hosting you can able to configure it by submitting DNS domain name service it is a code provided by the hosting provider to configure it within your domain name after fulfilling this step your website will be up. You can able to to access it from anywhere in the world

How to buy web hosting

In this practical face of internet all companies providing web hosting services and you can able to to buy them online through your credit card debit card or even net banking it is one of the safest way and you will able to get the access and Technical Support online from hosting provider you don’t have to face any broker in this type of service

Best web hosting company in India

If you want to choose 10 best web hosting company where providing you list of all the web service providers you can able to track buy links given below

How to add a contact form 7 in WordPress ?

How to add a contact form 7 in WordPress

Having a contact form in your wordpress website is a perfect way to communicate with your client age while there are many contact form options available in the wordpress sites where providing your contact form 7 information how to integrate in your website

Step 1 log into your wordpress website

Step 2  Go to Plugins -> Add New and search for the plugin “Contact Form 7“

Step :3 Click on “Contact” in your WordPress Dashboard left side menu pane

Step :4 Click on Add New

Step 5 Select Fields for Your Website and Save the Contact Form


Benefits and Uses of WordPress

Benefits of WordPress


If  you want to learn wordpress online you are perfect place I am providing latest information about how to start install and update WordPress with minimum effort

Let’s start if you want to start a blog for career in a blogging you have to install wordpress and your host from the Godaddy hosting provider aur any other provider

There are number of advantages of using WordPress The main advantage and the benefit of using wordpress is it is to install reboot and migrate from one server to other server client able to add content according to the need and accessibility from

anywhere. WordPress helps you to add theme and design according to yourself weight is suitable for your website and Portal you can sell products share information share news total from your end with the help of plugin you can able to manage all the things from the dashboard which is provided by wordpress itself

Easy to use anybody able to add content with the help of dashboard you can able to to change menu menu content website content and every little aspect of the website according to yourself easily by drag and drop options

Manage from anywhere client is able to manage website from anywhere in the world you just need internet and laptop at your space you don’t need to carry with you you will able to find the quick way to manage your website and it is customisable according to yourself

SEO friendly

SEO friendly what is one of the most search engine friendly platform to provide our client to provide information and linkage between user and the author.


No FTP server required biggest benefit of WordPress is you don’t have to worry about your server real data will be stored in your hosting provider which is acceptable at any place any computer and any.No FTP server required biggest benefit of WordPress is you don’t have to worry about your server real data will be stored in your hosting provider which is acceptable at any place any computer and any.

Attractive design

Attractive design options wordpress offers various kinds of themes which make sure website and block very friendly and attractive for the uses you don’t have to do the coding and at your self


Responsiveness this is the perfect CMS which offers responsiveness and mobile friendliness for your visitors with an unforgettable experience whether you are using from smartphone tablet or desktop you can able to use many functions which is not included in my HTML website

Application programming interfaces API social media networks just like Facebook Twitter and of course the most important Amazon providing the API which is directly integrated with your wordpress website to migrate and transfer content from one side to another with the help of API many big platform like Indian Railway also offers API which is easily integrated with your website provider Railway portal client

What is the use of Google AdWords

Google AdWords is the tool which is provided by Google to promote your business online without any hassle you can able to promote your business through various kinds of models available just like CPC known for cost per click CPM cost per mile and CPA cost per acquisition
We can enhance the reach of our business by use of this methods Google AdWords is the perfect tool total power potential customers we can able to justify and classify our clients needs through these tools a perfect digital company will provide you the classified data of the company and the uses which r targeted by the campaign which is created to enhance the productivity of the business target the exact audience with the help of Google AdWords is possible where us in the traditional media of marketing we are not able to target the exact number of the audiences which is the main drawback of the traditional marketing we can able to promote the business in the particular reach particular time and the particular age group for example if we want to to promote a barber shop in Delhi we just want to reach the audience which are available in Delhi the audience of outside Delhi is useless for us this is the perfect example which shows the exact creativity of our rich you can able to target age group gender income and the interest of the consumer which are going to be your next customer I am writing this article to provide you the number of advantages of Google AdWords which are necessary to known to the new digital marketing
We can able to create different kinds of advertisement like search network ads display network ads video ads animation ads in the Google AdWords we will just login in Google AdWords with our current Gmail account to create new Google AdWords we also get a discount coupon of 2000 rupees and the registration of new Google account
The only condition is that you have to spend 2000 rupees within first month you will able to see e how to create new campus target audience in our next blog

What is Bounce rate in Google Analytics and how to reduce it ?

Bounce rate it is a percentage that show how many users landed on a webpage and then exited with website without having any interaction of the website this means they didn’t click ok ok get interacted with any kind of content
You can able to track the bounce rate of the website at the top level of the Google Analytics dashboard you can see how many peoples are interested with your website and exited without any interaction on visiting any content of the website
Reasons of high Bounce rate
One high loading time loading time is essential and most necessary feature of the website sometime you are loading time of the website is very high users cannot hear the patients and get excited from the website without an interaction this thing increases the bounce rate of the website and data will be visible in the Google Analytics dashboard to reduce the bounce rate from loading time you should take necessary measures and make a website landing page which is is loaded in in 2 seconds to get the best interaction of the website
Irrelevant content this is the second main reason of high Bounce rate when user visits your website didn’t get the relevant content to the need of the user user get distracted and exited from your website without any interaction you should take care of content in today’s market because content is King if you are not taking the content seriously you will get a high number of Bounce rate which affects your website
3 optimise for mobile today 50% of traffic is coming from the mobiles and tabs make your website mobile friendly and responsive to get me high conversion rate and best bounce rate in the website mobile friendly websites gets lowest Bounce rate because it is the best way to show the content to the mobile uses always try to to make content mobile friendly SEO friendly and responsive to the the clients

Why to use Google Analytics ?

Google Analytics tools is a tool which is provided free of cost by Google to track be performance of the website and user interaction with website you can able to track the performance of best web pages in your website and request pages in your website free of cost without any hassle Google provide this tool free of cost by sign in just by existing Gmail account
2 it collects automatically data from various modes without any Hustle Google Analytics has the feature that reduces the work that is required to put Google Analytics oxides and spreadsheets you don’t have to take any kind of step to collect the data Google Analytics automatically collects for you when user interacts with your website it records the position of the user how he reach your website and WhatsApp behaviour of the user and it Bounce rate of the user Google analytic also provide whether the user is first time or existing user which is returning back after some period of time you can create and check customised report according to your wish
3 trackby gender age device and the location of the user Google Analytics provides the ability to practice exact age Gender and the interest of the user which is going to interact with your website you can also able to track exact location of your audience which is targeted by you and you will track the behaviour of the user with your content in minimum steps it also gives you are data how the visitors were driven to your website Google Analytics also gives you views of what kind of devices used by user and they are interacting with your website for example weather visitor is coming from your mobile website tab ab for a desktop computer Google Analytics also as browser of the Uses you can check the which browser used by the user
Real-time analysis Google Analytics provides the ability to check the real-time analysis means currently available users to your website which are interacting with your website you can able to check which pages are searching and checking by the users this helps you to check which contentious is very much popular in terms of uses and benefit to the users

Best WordPress Plugins to Install in Website

in this article I’m gonna share with you guys 10 amazing plugins that I found and I use on my website and I guarantee you by the end of this article you guys will probably use at least two
alright at least two plugins so let’s go ahead and introduce you all to these plugins number one is one signal now
have you ever been to a website where that little note comes up saying would you like push notifications
well this plugin will actually allow you to gather you know people’s information and you can actually send out push
notifications out through people’s browsers now the great part about this plug-in is that it’s free and it
converts ten times better than email
marketing so right here you guys can see
my numbers or I have around 3,800 people
so whenever I actually sent out a post
or I create a new project or if I add a
new product to my e-commerce websites
3000 and our people will be notified via
browser and they can simply click on it
and be directed to your website so it’s
a very convenient way to get people to
come to your website and setting and
having like an email campaign you know
so push notifications is kind of where
it’s going email marketing is still
amazing but if you’re not using push
notifications on your website
get on it it’s a free plugin it’s
amazing I have a full tutorial on it and
you should have it on every single
website next is ice creeeeam now ice
creeeeam watch to give you the ability
to have popups on your website and it
actually gives you the ability to have
the pop-up bars also on top your website
so right here you guys can see I have
this announcement bar right here this
was all done with the plugin now it also
creates pop-up subscriptions email
notifications anything that you wants
this plugin has it’s kind of like a 10
an all in one thing so it’s a very
useful plugin it gathers email addresses
and it has tons and tons of positive
reviews so you guys can see for yourself
it’s called ice creeeeam so I highly
recommend it
it’s simply amazing and let’s talk about
security you know security is probably
one of the most important things on your
websites and if you guys are not using
all-in-one W migration then you’re
missing out because this plugin I will
actually just take
copy of your website download at your
desktop and then you can upload it
immediately in fact it’s the easiest
plugin that I have found for you know
backups and everything else and you guys
can just look at the reviews right here
so you got you know 3559 positive
reviews over almost 1 million active
install so again it’s it’s nothing short
of amazing it’s a great free plugin and
I highly recommend it because I use it
and it’s it’s it’s just amazing ok next
is really simple SSL now why is this so
important well Google just had a huge
update in January and I’m sorry last
year and if you don’t have an SSL on
your website guess what happens people
get that like do not go this is a virus
porn website and people can get the
wrong idea of your website so with this
plugin does is that if you have an SSL
and it’s not working it will force the
SSL to work so let’s say you have an SSL
and your hosting company like we don’t
know what’s wrong they’re gonna
recommend you to install this plug-in so
it’s called really simple SSL and again
it will make sure that people do not get
that like error you know they’re trying
to steal your stuff this will actually
take that off so people can actually go
to your website off to worry about all
that crazy stuff so again it does
require an SSL it’s not a free SSL but
you guys can always use my hosting
sycron com they’ll give you a free SSL
so I highly recommend to get a really
simple SSL especially if you have like
problems with that little green lock
like right here you guys can see this
green lock that’s what it gives you so
people are like oh it’s secure and it’s
like it is you know it’s it’s just you
know you go to websites people like it
you know so you just gotta get it you
know so definitely check out really
simple SSL next is WP fastest cache so
this is a caching plug-in if you guys
are not caching your websites
shame on you because you should be
because it makes your site much faster
and this has over 500,000 active
installs now I used to recommend that
other one it was like I forgot it like
WP something but this plug-in and I is
actually I’ve used it from its
competitors and I’ve just seen amazing
results so w fastest cache it’s a free
caching plugin again if you guys are
using SiteGround though they do give you
a separate
sigh crown caching plugin so if you guys
you know you don’t you won’t need this
plugin if using psych round but for
those of you who aren’t you might need
to use this plugin it’s a free plugin
it’s great I love it and I recommend it
to all of my friends and clients because
it is amazing
next is WPS WPS hide login so what does
that do
well when using WordPress guys
unfortunately you can just go to any
website and just go to other using
WordPress let’s go ahead and type this
in NEP – admin now once I press enter
you can see that this says this has been
disabled so this will basically not
allow people to have access to that
little login page because that’s kind of
freaky that anyone can go to your
website and just kind of go to your you
know your dopey admin and guess your
credentials you know and if they guess
your credentials or if they know it or
something like that you’re gonna be in
trouble you know your site’s gonna be
hacked so this plug-in right here will
actually make it so you can change it to
anything that you would want it’s a free
plugin and it’s so easy to use so all
you have to do I could actually show you
guys really quickly so I might I take
mine to dota 2 so mine’s a video game so
it’s it’s Nana gives you the log in the
log in thing right there so that’s
pretty helpful and under my settings
right here under my general it’s really
easy go down here and just change your
permalinks so WPS hide login and then
you just change it to whatever you want
and then go to Save Changes and voila
you have a amazing secret WP admin login
ok so be sure to check outs WPS hide
login next is WP smush so what this does
is that it actually compresses all of
your images and it gets rid of all that
extra space to make your site load
faster so it’s very helpful and it
actually has over 1 million active
installs with 3001 or 66 positive
reviews so for example let’s say you
have like 20 megabytes of pictures it
will try and compress it as much as
possible without losing resolution and
quality to make it maybe around 10
megabytes so I get around like a 35%
reduction on size which increases
loading time or I’m sorry decreases
loading time so I recommend WPS Bush
it’s an amazing
again just try it out it’ll actually
smoosh all of your images on your
website all at one time so it’s it’s
amazing it’s it’s simply amazing
next is titty Oh chats anti-do chats is
a live chat feature so if you guys want
live chat available on your website
titty Oh chat is a free service and
people can come to your website and they
can start chatting and I think it’s just
a great service to have so tdo chats if
you want that little box on the bottom
right saying hey you know how can I help
you you know I think tmd hosting has
that let’s try it out team be hosting