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Why to use Google Analytics ?

Google Analytics tools is a tool which is provided free of cost by Google to track be performance of the website and user interaction with website you can able to track the performance of best web pages in your website and request pages in your website free of cost without any hassle Google provide this tool free of cost by sign in just by existing Gmail account
2 it collects automatically data from various modes without any Hustle Google Analytics has the feature that reduces the work that is required to put Google Analytics oxides and spreadsheets you don’t have to take any kind of step to collect the data Google Analytics automatically collects for you when user interacts with your website it records the position of the user how he reach your website and WhatsApp behaviour of the user and it Bounce rate of the user Google analytic also provide whether the user is first time or existing user which is returning back after some period of time you can create and check customised report according to your wish
3 trackby gender age device and the location of the user Google Analytics provides the ability to practice exact age Gender and the interest of the user which is going to interact with your website you can also able to track exact location of your audience which is targeted by you and you will track the behaviour of the user with your content in minimum steps it also gives you are data how the visitors were driven to your website Google Analytics also gives you views of what kind of devices used by user and they are interacting with your website for example weather visitor is coming from your mobile website tab ab for a desktop computer Google Analytics also as browser of the Uses you can check the which browser used by the user
Real-time analysis Google Analytics provides the ability to check the real-time analysis means currently available users to your website which are interacting with your website you can able to check which pages are searching and checking by the users this helps you to check which contentious is very much popular in terms of uses and benefit to the users