How to setup Facebook ads ?

Jan 23, 2021 IT, SEO, Tips

How to setup Facebook ads ?

If you are going to set up your Facebook Ads for first time it is known as at campaign
The primary target of campaign is to target the audience or the aim of why you are running the ad campaign for example if you need to sell something, unit views on your YouTube channel, are you just want for the lead generation for the signup and the registration of your upcoming event it is one of the primary into select the campaign ending point.

How to Target Audience in Display ads

Now you have to choose your audience where you want to display your ads for example in which location you want to target and what type of gender in trust ad age of the audiences. We strongly recommend you to select a specific and location specific target audience for your campaign because it will provide your potential clients and minimum cost

In the third step you are to select a daily budget it is the budget of your ad campaign means you can able to optimise your campaign according to your budget and your pocket Facebook will provide you all the data of your campaign by which you can able to track the performance of the Google Facebook ad campaign just like Google.
Now you just have to make a textual information images and videos which you want to display as the ad on the Facebook ad network and your address up.

Choose Facebook Ad Network

Facebook ad network is cheap then Google Adword you can able to drive more traffic as compared to Google Adword campaign it is the best platform for selling your products

Choose Facebook ad placement tool Facebook ad placement tools helps you to to select the device you want to target for example if you want to sell iPhone antivirus Unity traffic from the iMac are the Mac devices which are using iOS operating system. Facebook ad placement tool help you to target this feature it is one of the best tool available in the Facebook ad network which helps you to distinguish your ad campaign from the Android devices iOS devices or any other LINUX operating system ad networks we are going to use this placement networks at various places for example if you want to publish your ad in the fields stories instant messages in article apps and sites you can choose platforms according to yourself by using Facebook network or Instagram network as well as messenger platform for example you want to run your ads on all devices all plates forms you can simply select automatic placement selection tool
But if you want to target according to yourself you have to select the manual placement option in the placement selection toolbar.
Add scheduling tool
It is also a tool which is very helpful to schedule your Facebook ads at a certain period of time according to your wish you just have to select this option from the Facebook scheduling tool and you will never too to calculate the the amount you want to spend on this particular timr

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