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How to setup Facebook ads ?

How to setup Facebook ads ?

If you are going to set up your Facebook Ads for first time it is known as at campaign
The primary target of campaign is to target the audience or the aim of why you are running the ad campaign for example if you need to sell something, unit views on your YouTube channel, are you just want for the lead generation for the signup and the registration of your upcoming event it is one of the primary into select the campaign ending point.

How to Target Audience in Display ads

Now you have to choose your audience where you want to display your ads for example in which location you want to target and what type of gender in trust ad age of the audiences. We strongly recommend you to select a specific and location specific target audience for your campaign because it will provide your potential clients and minimum cost

In the third step you are to select a daily budget it is the budget of your ad campaign means you can able to optimise your campaign according to your budget and your pocket Facebook will provide you all the data of your campaign by which you can able to track the performance of the Google Facebook ad campaign just like Google.
Now you just have to make a textual information images and videos which you want to display as the ad on the Facebook ad network and your address up.

Choose Facebook Ad Network

Facebook ad network is cheap then Google Adword you can able to drive more traffic as compared to Google Adword campaign it is the best platform for selling your products

Choose Facebook ad placement tool Facebook ad placement tools helps you to to select the device you want to target for example if you want to sell iPhone antivirus Unity traffic from the iMac are the Mac devices which are using iOS operating system. Facebook ad placement tool help you to target this feature it is one of the best tool available in the Facebook ad network which helps you to distinguish your ad campaign from the Android devices iOS devices or any other LINUX operating system ad networks we are going to use this placement networks at various places for example if you want to publish your ad in the fields stories instant messages in article apps and sites you can choose platforms according to yourself by using Facebook network or Instagram network as well as messenger platform for example you want to run your ads on all devices all plates forms you can simply select automatic placement selection tool
But if you want to target according to yourself you have to select the manual placement option in the placement selection toolbar.
Add scheduling tool
It is also a tool which is very helpful to schedule your Facebook ads at a certain period of time according to your wish you just have to select this option from the Facebook scheduling tool and you will never too to calculate the the amount you want to spend on this particular timr

What is hosting and types of hosting ?

What is Hosting?

If you I want to know what is hosting we are going to explain your web hosting in minimum time we are going to provide you latest information which are beneficial for your business tips and tricks to choose the web hosting with minimum cost and maximum feature list full stop as you know hosting is the main criteria of the the website hosting is also providing the speed DNS space for your website. If you want to earn money online we are providing best digital marketing training for the new students who wants to learn digital marketing and earn money online.

In case of blogging new students don’t know the importance of hosting and they have to face problems later like website crashing website hanging virus is and most importantly lost of data

But don’t worry we are going to provide you all information about web hosting and this article you have all the info about web hosting in this article
In easy language web hosting is is the backbone of the website. Web hosting is the space which allows you to to publish your website on internet and they are providing you some space after some cost by which you can able to access your data online from many computers. You can able to upload your files photos videos task on the web service. It is also known as a special computer which is connected to the internet 24/7 you can host your cover website on this computers there are a number of websites companies which are offering these services like Godaddy hosting a blue and bluehost namecheap name

The Service also known as the web host service you have to pay a certain amount annually to get the service you can I buy 2 get 3 free SSL services with this posting tags.

How web hosting works

When somebody lost their websites on the web server Dawat holder contains files photos videos and the HTML files in a folder which is constructed in the web hosting server. When you connect your domain with your hosting you can able to configure it by submitting DNS domain name service it is a code provided by the hosting provider to configure it within your domain name after fulfilling this step your website will be up. You can able to to access it from anywhere in the world

How to buy web hosting

In this practical face of internet all companies providing web hosting services and you can able to to buy them online through your credit card debit card or even net banking it is one of the safest way and you will able to get the access and Technical Support online from hosting provider you don’t have to face any broker in this type of service

Best web hosting company in India

If you want to choose 10 best web hosting company where providing you list of all the web service providers you can able to track buy links given below

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what is Digital Marketing ?

Marketing of any product or brand with the use of digital technology through internet including mobile phones and digital platforms like Google Facebook social media and any other online medium of advertising if is is is a part of digital market digital marketing is providing as a platform to promote our brand online via various kinds of techniques digital marketing is very helpful as compared to traditional marketing because we are able to target exact customer and potential visitors who was searching exactly our services we are able to show our products and services exactly two people who are searching for our products without any hassle in traditional marketing there is a misunderstanding between advertiser and customer .

How Do I Get Started Digital Marketing

Android advertiser is not able to track the performance of the marketing strategy where as in digital marketing you can compare your digital marketing campaign at every point digital marketing is very helpful two small scale brands because you can start your campaigning with very small amount of money suppose that if you are launching Aircel own business in Delhi you can target the local residence and people who are located near by you in just small amount of money you can also able to track and advertise your brand to gender base age locality area according to your wish and convenience this feature helps you to minimise your optimal cost of advertising which is very necessary in promoting the small scale industry in this article we are going to discuss various kinds of digital marketing techniques whether its organic or paid if you want to get more information regarding digital marketing visit our link how to who research keywords for your business


what is Meta Tags in On Page SEO ?

what is Meta Tags in On Page SEO ?

On page SEO is a part of technique in which we make changes inside our website to get indexed in various search engines like Google when Yahoo we will use different kinds of free tools which are provided by Google and Bing to make our website better and perform better we can able to track the performance of our website through this various free tools which are provided by Google like Google Webmaster Google Analytics Bing Webmaster Bing Analytics on which factors which affects the website are written below

Meta tags meta tags are mandatory in website to get index in Google there are different types of tax available in market as like title tag meta title meta description backwards meta language matar country these tag define sour website and provides unique name for every page which is created in our website in meta titles we will use exactly key words which are going to Target in our web page meta title length is 65 characters long we have to target all our it was within 65 characters to get maximum benefit of meta title
Meta description these tag used to explain our web page nature It is also so used to you target and explain the web page with our target keywords in it the length of meta description is 160 characters long you have to target all the keywords inside meta description

Google Meta Keywords Descriptions

Meta keywords it is a keywords which are going to Target in our web page we will write keywords under this tab ab in double column and we use comma to separate our keywords in it
Google Analytics tool it is a tool which is provided Google by Google free of cost to all all uses of websites with the just sign up by Gmail Google Analytics is helpful in tracking the performance of your website and customer behavior with your website you can able to track the source of visitors in your website which pages performs better number of times visitors return back to your website Bounce rate and and I exactly location of your visitor for example if you want to target the visitor from us you can able to find number of visitors coming from US done ok or any other City this is a small one line tool which is provided by Google you just have to to enter the code in your website or a web page which you want to track

what is Off Page SEO ?

what is Off Page SEO ?

Off page Search Engine Optimisation is a technique of making inborn backlinks through various means of resources which are provided by Google any other search engine free in this we are not going to change our website inside the source code we will make backlinks outside the website by various different kinds of sources and available mediums
Different kinds of of page sources are :
1 Classified submission it is a best technique to get that dofollow backlink for our website which is helpful in improving the ranking of our website and promoting our brand organically freely without any cost anybody can post their website and its promotional content to various kinds of classified posting portals like OLX Quikr Maxus etc the way to create backlink via classified posting is very simple you just have to sign up with your existing Gmail account and post with title description and one image with your URL to get the backlink which is dofollow and improve your ranking of the website weather in minimum time

2 Article submission it is one of the best techniques available in the market off page SEO which helps you to gain ranking organically within minimum period of time you have to submit they article just relevant TTE to the content which is targeted in the meta keywords I have to write minimum 300 to 500 according to to their targeted keywords it is organically Boost Your ranking in minimum period of time where are different places available where user can post the articles free of cost like sooperarticles is an articles article base etc

3 PPT submission PowerPoint submission is one of the another technique which is free of cost and helps you to Boost Your ranking immediately it is a best technique to get the do follow backlinks for your website from a popular portal you just have to do you just have to sign up with your existing Gmail account and upload the power point presentation without any hassle.

PPT submission