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What is hosting and types of hosting ?

What is Hosting?

If you I want to know what is hosting we are going to explain your web hosting in minimum time we are going to provide you latest information which are beneficial for your business tips and tricks to choose the web hosting with minimum cost and maximum feature list full stop as you know hosting is the main criteria of the the website hosting is also providing the speed DNS space for your website. If you want to earn money online we are providing best digital marketing training for the new students who wants to learn digital marketing and earn money online.

In case of blogging new students don’t know the importance of hosting and they have to face problems later like website crashing website hanging virus is and most importantly lost of data

But don’t worry we are going to provide you all information about web hosting and this article you have all the info about web hosting in this article
In easy language web hosting is is the backbone of the website. Web hosting is the space which allows you to to publish your website on internet and they are providing you some space after some cost by which you can able to access your data online from many computers. You can able to upload your files photos videos task on the web service. It is also known as a special computer which is connected to the internet 24/7 you can host your cover website on this computers there are a number of websites companies which are offering these services like Godaddy hosting a blue and bluehost namecheap name

The Service also known as the web host service you have to pay a certain amount annually to get the service you can I buy 2 get 3 free SSL services with this posting tags.

How web hosting works

When somebody lost their websites on the web server Dawat holder contains files photos videos and the HTML files in a folder which is constructed in the web hosting server. When you connect your domain with your hosting you can able to configure it by submitting DNS domain name service it is a code provided by the hosting provider to configure it within your domain name after fulfilling this step your website will be up. You can able to to access it from anywhere in the world

How to buy web hosting

In this practical face of internet all companies providing web hosting services and you can able to to buy them online through your credit card debit card or even net banking it is one of the safest way and you will able to get the access and Technical Support online from hosting provider you don’t have to face any broker in this type of service

Best web hosting company in India

If you want to choose 10 best web hosting company where providing you list of all the web service providers you can able to track buy links given below