what is Meta Tags in On Page SEO ?

Mar 5, 2020 IT, SEO

what is Meta Tags in On Page SEO ?

On page SEO is a part of technique in which we make changes inside our website to get indexed in various search engines like Google when Yahoo we will use different kinds of free tools which are provided by Google and Bing to make our website better and perform better we can able to track the performance of our website through this various free tools which are provided by Google like Google Webmaster Google Analytics Bing Webmaster Bing Analytics on which factors which affects the website are written below

Meta tags meta tags are mandatory in website to get index in Google there are different types of tax available in market as like title tag meta title meta description backwards meta language matar country these tag define sour website and provides unique name for every page which is created in our website in meta titles we will use exactly key words which are going to Target in our web page meta title length is 65 characters long we have to target all our it was within 65 characters to get maximum benefit of meta title
Meta description these tag used to explain our web page nature It is also so used to you target and explain the web page with our target keywords in it the length of meta description is 160 characters long you have to target all the keywords inside meta description

Google Meta Keywords Descriptions

Meta keywords it is a keywords which are going to Target in our web page we will write keywords under this tab ab in double column and we use comma to separate our keywords in it
Google Analytics tool it is a tool which is provided Google by Google free of cost to all all uses of websites with the just sign up by Gmail Google Analytics is helpful in tracking the performance of your website and customer behavior with your website you can able to track the source of visitors in your website which pages performs better number of times visitors return back to your website Bounce rate and and I exactly location of your visitor for example if you want to target the visitor from us you can able to find number of visitors coming from US done ok or any other City this is a small one line tool which is provided by Google you just have to to enter the code in your website or a web page which you want to track

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