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what is Off Page SEO ?

what is Off Page SEO ?

Off page Search Engine Optimisation is a technique of making inborn backlinks through various means of resources which are provided by Google any other search engine free in this we are not going to change our website inside the source code we will make backlinks outside the website by various different kinds of sources and available mediums
Different kinds of of page sources are :
1 Classified submission it is a best technique to get that dofollow backlink for our website which is helpful in improving the ranking of our website and promoting our brand organically freely without any cost anybody can post their website and its promotional content to various kinds of classified posting portals like OLX Quikr Maxus etc the way to create backlink via classified posting is very simple you just have to sign up with your existing Gmail account and post with title description and one image with your URL to get the backlink which is dofollow and improve your ranking of the website weather in minimum time

2 Article submission it is one of the best techniques available in the market off page SEO which helps you to gain ranking organically within minimum period of time you have to submit they article just relevant TTE to the content which is targeted in the meta keywords I have to write minimum 300 to 500 according to to their targeted keywords it is organically Boost Your ranking in minimum period of time where are different places available where user can post the articles free of cost like sooperarticles is an articles article base etc

3 PPT submission PowerPoint submission is one of the another technique which is free of cost and helps you to Boost Your ranking immediately it is a best technique to get the do follow backlinks for your website from a popular portal you just have to do you just have to sign up with your existing Gmail account and upload the power point presentation without any hassle.

PPT submission