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Best Free Blogging Plate forms 2021

The platforms which will in general offer free blogging types of assistance resembles a help to the youthful age who are keen on blogging.

Top free blogging platforms with complete guide 2021

1) Blogger

Blogger is the most established player right now. It is probably the most established platform for blogging. The platform is easy to utilize and has a straightforward structure. One can without much of a stretch enhance the blog with the assistance of as of now included highlights here.

Likewise with its look and gorgeous features, an expert looking website is consistently on the cards. We can likewise include our bought space here right now.

The greatest bit of leeway of this Platform is that it gives a SSL endorsement which upgrades site authority at zero cost.

Blogging here is sans strain on the grounds that the blog is facilitated on Google’s server thus the complete security is dealt with by Google itself.

Despite the fact that the SEO points of interest are limited here it’s in every case great to go for a free webpage like blogger.

Alongside it, the clients help comes up, as it doesn’t comprise of any client care. All things considered, one can undoubtedly turn upward on the web for any questions.

2) WordPress


WordPress is one of the most well known free blogging destinations accessible on the Internet. One can without much of a hustle sign-in and gain admittance to one of the most remarkable blogging website.

One can without much of a problem set up the blog without anyone else and as it is self-facilitated, one can have full command over their website. Albeit restricted, still the free form of WordPress has enough features for streamlining the blog well.

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Utilizing this Platform can truly support the blog destinations SEO, through its distinctive modules and keyword targets. With its SEO feature and portable well disposed structures, it in this manner assists with stacking the blog run fast.


Be that as it may, the security is here as you are the proprietor of the blog, thus its security ought to be taken consideration exclusively without any hustle except if a specialist is procured.


This Platform based on PHP which along these lines makes the blog lightweight and makes it simpler to stack. WordPress additionally has sublime client service which is at illuminating the questions of the clients.

3) Medium

Medium is another site to search for among the list of all free blogging locales that give free blogging. The explanation this Platform holds a preferred position is its crowd base.

With almost 60 million of its clients, it in this manner gives presentation to our blog entry and can clearly give a lift to our blogging profession .

Its basic structure gives a best client experience and facilitates grinding away. This Platform, all in all, has high power and keeps making quality backlinks to rank higher.

Accordingly blogging right now without a doubt elevate our blog considering legitimate advances followed.

The main issue looked here is, you are not given the full command over the blog. Thus a few changes can’t be done because of such limitations.

All things considered, it has a perfect CMS which causes us include pages quiet. Considering this stage for blogging can truly turn valuable while settling on free.

4) Wix

Wix is one among the rundown of all free blog Platform that give free blogging. It has numerous topics and structures to offer.

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The customization technique here is to such an extent that, one can without much of a stretch plan the blog by its simplified office. The back-end usefulness is dealt with by WIX itself.

The features of the blog is extremely basic whenever done physically. Likewise, it has a WixAi which serves to arrangement the blog by simply noting a couple of its inquiries.

The Platform is improved so that it stacks quicker and give an incredible client experience. The main problem here is that the ideal yield isn’t acquired in view of the simplified choice.

Additionally, the client service of this stage is acceptable and they give answers for individuals’ questions.

Beginning a blogging vocation in the Wix can be gainful at the underlying level at practically liberated from cost.

5) Weebly

Weebly is additionally in the rundown of all free blogging destinations that give free blogging. One can without much of a stretch simplified the layout and fastens and give a decent look to their web journals.

Like most different stages, Weebly likewise comprises of sidebars, structures, advertisement spaces, internet based life symbols, and so forth.

The security of your information is dealt with right now likewise insurance against spam is given.

In spite of the fact that advance settings can’t be changed here as one doesn’t have full power over the blog.

With the capacity of 500MB, we can transfer and store the same number of records, pictures, recordings here. SSL endorsement is furnished with the free assistance even which is incredible.

Discussing client service, at that point great help is given here to the comfort of many. The works should likewise be possible here effortlessly due to offer help.

6) Jimdo

Jimbo is another stage among the rundown of all free blog locales that give free blogging. One can without much of a stretch host area and begin blogging right now. This is a flexible stage to go with if searching for a free blogging webpage.

One or more purpose of this stage is that it’s fueled by AI thus it truly takes under 3-4 minutes to set up the blog. Responding to a couple of inquiries is sufficient to naturally set up the blog.

The simplified choice here gives comfort in planning the blog. The restriction of plans here is the main thing to stress over.