What is Bounce rate in Google Analytics and how to reduce it ?

Mar 5, 2020 IT, SEO, Wordpress

Bounce rate it is a percentage that show how many users landed on a webpage and then exited with website without having any interaction of the website this means they didn’t click ok ok get interacted with any kind of content
You can able to track the bounce rate of the website at the top level of the Google Analytics dashboard you can see how many peoples are interested with your website and exited without any interaction on visiting any content of the website
Reasons of high Bounce rate
One high loading time loading time is essential and most necessary feature of the website sometime you are loading time of the website is very high users cannot hear the patients and get excited from the website without an interaction this thing increases the bounce rate of the website and data will be visible in the Google Analytics dashboard to reduce the bounce rate from loading time you should take necessary measures and make a website landing page which is is loaded in in 2 seconds to get the best interaction of the website
Irrelevant content this is the second main reason of high Bounce rate when user visits your website didn’t get the relevant content to the need of the user user get distracted and exited from your website without any interaction you should take care of content in today’s market because content is King if you are not taking the content seriously you will get a high number of Bounce rate which affects your website
3 optimise for mobile today 50% of traffic is coming from the mobiles and tabs make your website mobile friendly and responsive to get me high conversion rate and best bounce rate in the website mobile friendly websites gets lowest Bounce rate because it is the best way to show the content to the mobile uses always try to to make content mobile friendly SEO friendly and responsive to the the clients

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