What is the use of Google Webmaster tool ?

Mar 5, 2020 IT, SEO, Tips

Google Webmaster tool is a free tool which is provided by Google . It is a free tool which provides you at dashboard to monitor us site execution side performance submit content for crawling recognizing issues any kind of parrots at only one place you can able to see number of backlinks which are helpful indexing of your website you can able to index your website to the Google search engine or a Bing search engine with the use of Google Webmaster tool
Google Webmaster tool allows you to track how search engines see your website and web pages with the content which you have uploaded in it you can also able to see number of pages in text in the Google for searching
Google Webmaster tool provides you detail report of targeted keywords in your website you can able to find the exact location of your keywords which you are targeted for the organically ranking you can see the performance of the keywords which are leading to the potential customers
Google Webmaster tool provides you broken link 404 page and any kind of error which are affecting your website and you need to you fulfill it and remove the errors from it suppose that you have changed the URL or the path of the some pages in the past Google shows them in red colour or a 404 pages which are not available in the website you have to fix this broken issue to enhance the performance of your website
Google Webmaster help SEO to Intex new content 2 search engine users can able to submit our new content via crawl fetch facturas option available in the dashboard of Google Webmaster tool you can able to use this Google Webmaster tool by using your existing Google Gmail account this setup process is very simple and easy you just have to add your website and get the Google Webmaster code which should be posted inside the website to get the detailed report of the website in Google dashboard

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