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Different kinds of Google AdWords campaigns

Different kinds of Google AdWords campaigns

Google AdWords offers different kinds of Google AdWords campaigns and its type you can able to create Google AdWords according to you and your needs the main types of Google AdWords campaigns are listed below

1 Google Search Network Ads in Google search network ads we can create the advertisement at the Google search engine console Endeavour ads are displayed when the the user search power keywords which are inserted in the Google campaign site ads are visible at the top of the search network anda Google partner sites we can able to to make our heads visible at the the targeted Google AdSense approved websites and the Google partners websites

Types of Google AdWords Campaigns for Building

We also have option to to select the bid strategy only for clicks that means Google will charge you if user Clicks on the website ad and visit your web page or also known as the landing page which is created by you you don’t have to pay any amount of money at the display CPC is the best best and cheapest mode of Google advertisement and widely used by small businesses which want to grow and reach the exact number of potential customers which are going to targeted in the the promotion of the business

2 Google video ads in Google video ads we can promote our business at the YouTube by creating a small time video of 30 seconds Google adword console’ Google video ads are used for the branding of the new and small businesses we can also used Google Adword video acts as a trigger to events which are going to happen in the nearest period of time for example new branded company going to launch some of the exciting offers which are located in a particular City or a state of the country we can able to to which are available in that city and helpful to gain the access to the people of the city

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