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Mar 5, 2020 Technical, Top 5
what are the best free web hosts
available right now that’s where we’re
going to talk about in this video what’s
up everybody it’s David from a website
creative procom and in this video I want
to share with you my eight favorite free
web posts that you can use right now now
personally I don’t recommend that you
use a web a free web host for a long
term project and what I mean by that is
a website where you’re trying to build
it out to like 2,000 3,000 visitors a
day where it can be making a significant
income instead you want to go with a
proper normal web host like psy crown or
Bluehost those are my two favorite for
what people who are just starting out
with their brand new website simply
because they’re recommended by WordPress
and they provide good hosting site Brown
is the better of the two but they are
much more expensive so they have a great
introductory rate but after the
introductory rate their price really
increases where Bluehost is the one of
the best cheap web hosts so it’s really
up to you which one you want to go with
I personally would recommend that you go
with site brown and get a hosting
package for two years at the
introductory rate and then after the
two-year mark you can make a decision
whether or not you want to stick with
or move to a different web host
obviously Bluehost is a great option is
well anyways let’s get into the video
right now that where I’ll show you my
favorite free web posts the best way to
use a free web host is basically just
like if you have like a little website
like say you have your Nate you register
your domain name and you just want to
like have a website for your name and
then show like your different
accomplishments or projects that you’re
working on whatever just like a simple
little site there free web host is
perfect for that anyways I’m starting to
Rambo let’s get into the list or right
now number one zero zero zero web host
com powered by hosting err which would
be later on at the list this is a
completely free web host no strings
attached no hidden costs 100% free they
do actually have about payment plans
where you can get more services if
you’re willing to pay but their most
basic plan is actually free and the
thing that I like most about as your
zero web host com is that they actually
have a simple auto installer for various
scripts like WordPress
you can simply install wordpress with an
auto installer instead of like other
free web posts where you have to kind of
fumble around and figure it out how to
manually install WordPress with it Sears
or web posts you can actually get a
WordPress website set up for free
without needing any like technical help
and they do offer a couple different
price points right down here so they
have their free one then I have 80 cents
a month and then they have two dollars
and 15 cents a month if you’re looking
for a very cheap web post or free check
out zero zero web host com number two
x10 hosting com it’s another free
completely free web host not as good
though at zero zero web posts in my
opinion primarily because they offer a
free hosting but your website is gonna
be a subdomain of X 10 hosting comm so
it’s gonna be your website dot X n if you really want your own
domain name then you have to click on
this and go to their premium hosting
where you have to pay for a package
again their premium price their premium
hosting this XM premium com is still
very cheap $6.99 a month you know it for
three years ago they end up being paying
four dollars a month so it’s still not
that expensive but again they’re free
hosting is only with a subdomain whereas
zeros your web hosting is like you can
register your domain name at Namecheap
and you can install WordPress and have a
website at zero zero web if you
choose but you know 10x hosting is an
alternative if you want to go the free
route number 3 infinity free dotnet this
is one of the newer free web hosts in
existence and their unique selling point
is that they provide a lot of services
that a paid web host provides where they
provide it for free so they’ve been in
business for over six years they
guarantee a 99.9 uptime percent there’s
no ads on your website and you can host
any domain name you want you don’t have
to use as a subdomain so you can
register your domain name at Namecheap
and then use infinity free net as your
web host and they’ve come with a script
installer so you can easily install a
wordpress joomla trip all with just a
click of a button instead of having to
figure out how to install things
manually in with your account you get
free cloud for a CDN and you get free
if it gets on all your websites so I
think infinity free dotnet is a really
high value free web post number for free
hosting dot-com free hosting offers pay
dosing and they off also offer obviously
free hosting with a free hosting account
you just get web hosting for any domain
name that you have registered on your
own so if you’re looking to start a
simple wordpress powered website for
example free hosting com is a good
choice they do have some limitations
just simply due to just keeping malware
and phishing other malicious activities
as they say off their servers and that’s
basically it and with your free deed
with your free web hosting package you
basically get 10 gigabytes of storage
you get unmetered bandwidth you get one
hosted website you get one email account
you get one database and you’re not
allowed to have any subdomains basically
again if you’re just looking for to set
up a website quickly and easily check
out free hosting com number five free
hostia com free hosting is a business
where they have a free hosting solution
and they have a paid hosting solution
with the goal of being get two people to
try the free hosting and then convert
them later into paying customers I
really like free hostia because you get
quite a bit with your free account you
get five hosted domain names get a lot
of disk space you get a decent amount of
monthly traffic hundred ten megabytes of
monthly storage one MySQL database if we
click on the read more for their free
chocolate plan as they call it so we
come down here and we can check out
different things that they offer like
basic features and have SSD caching they
have shared SSL ip’s one application
installer customer support security site
management tools FTTP IP blocking HD
access generator it’s you get quite a
bit with this free hosting account so
that is number five the chocolate plan
free hosting account with free host yet
number six award award space
is another free web host where they
offer multiple plans they have a free
web hosting basic plus and a starter VPS
the cool thing about what award space
com is that you do get a free dot DX dot
M domain name if you want one you don’t
get a dot-com or dark
for that you need to go to name sheep
and register it on your own but then you
can turn around and use award space as a
free web host and there for a free web
hosting account you do get quite a few
different features the activation is fee
is free the monthly price is free you
get network uptime you get guaranteed
99.9 percent or less but again it’s free
and yeah that’s it so that is basically
what you can expect from award
number seven is hosting er com host
singer to be honest is not completely
free they’re gonna set you back a
whopping 80 cents a month they’re
actually the company behind is zero zero
web host with your hosting account you
get guaranteed at ninety nine percent
uptime speed performance 24/7 support
chat and a 30-day money-back guarantee
so if you want your 80 cents back I
guess they’ll just send you your 80
cents back with your plan you offer a
single premium business at different
price points from zero from 80 cents a
month to two dollars a month three
dollars a month with the 80 cents a
month plan you get one website you get
ten gigabytes of SSD space a hundred
gigabytes of bandwidth one MySQL
database and that’s pretty much it you
do get an easy website builder and they
do allow you to have a powerful control
panel so you can install easily quickly
install like WordPress thing I don’t
like though is that they don’t come it
doesn’t come with a free SSL certificate
so you know that’s an issue because an
SSL certificate is a small ranking
factor with Google but you know if
you’re still looking for a very very
affordable web host look no further than
host singer comm number eight blocker com is a free web
host and those people don’t even realize
this when people think of blogger calm
they always think that it’s going to be
some subdomain
you can totally register your own domain
name and then use blogger com
to power your website person that I
think of who uses blogger calm is this
guy Johnny FD he gets thousands of
visitors a day to his website and he
doesn’t pay for web posting he pays for
his domain name Johnny FD calm but the
hosting 100% free because it’s powered
right at the bottom right there it’s
powered by blogger now the issue is that
you’re stuck using blogger you don’t
have access to WordPress you don’t have
access to WordPress plugins all those
various optimization things that
WordPress can do so you are kind of
limited to your limits to the blogger
platform so just gotta make that a
decision whether or not you want to go
blogger com but if you’ve been looking
to start a blog and have a free web host
blogger calm is a good option alright
that is it for this video if you liked
it consider subscribing where I share
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