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What is Use of Google Adwords ?

What is Google Adword ?

There are two ways of driving traffic ok to the the website one is spade medium and other one is organic medium. They are organic way of getting website from the Google search engine is known as the Search Engine Optimisation whereas another way of getting the traffic from Google is a advertising. We are able to drive targeted traffic to the website through Google Adword in short we will say that Google AdWords a tool of getting targeted audience and promotion of the brand and services at the Google search engine by paid medium.
The fastest way of getting traffic on the website is Google Adword it is also known as the advertising network Google Adword whenever user right secure your website will be targeted. The words we are searching in our Google search bar is known as the keyboard for example black shoes if you write black shoe in the Google search bar you are able to see the black shoe keyboard website data han and the shopping sites which are performing

Google Adword network.
By this way you have to find the perfect keyword which is benefited for your website and provide the targeted potential revenue. You have to pay only when user Clicks on your ad otherwise you don’t have any charge of advertising on the Google search bar there are number of ways for performing Google AdWords the main parts of the Google AdWords includes Google Sahi chat display ads video ads application at shopping ads Universal app campaign and many more
Google search network
We are using Google search network to run ads on Google search engine result pages it is also known as search engine marketing and axiom about 80% of the targeted traffic will be coming from the Google search engine of the website Google Adword help you to publish your ads on Google search engine without any problem because they are providing 100% technical support from the back and you can able to contact them anytime. Google displays total 7 at search engine result page add website of the page for any three in the bottom line of the search engine page. We are able to run Google search network ad by 3min sales at lead sets and website traffic. We are going to select sales option if we want to sell our products or services online whereas we are getting leads option for the Sin of the services for form filling of registration
Website traffic if you want to increase the traffic on our website we are selecting website traffic option from Google AdWords search network ads
Google display ads network
We are able to display ads on the Google partner website by banner ads which are using Google AdSense on their website it is just like branding and Awareness of your website in services for example you are watching Google TV ads. Google AdWords helps you to spread your brand through CPM network it is also known as cost per Mile network you have to pay certain about per thousand visitors display your ad. It is one of the best way to promote your website where you want to just display your ads not clicking on that ads. We are using display network Ads for five things sales leads website traffic product brand consideration brand awareness and reach.
Video ads
We are using video ads in the YouTube platform and other Google video partner ads website. We are only display ads on a selector category of visitors uses according to the gender age area specifications we are also able to target through devices for example you want to run only ads on mobile and exam the desktops and PCS

Google shopping ads
Google shopping ads is also known as the p l a product listing ads if you are running an eCommerce website and you have the active card option on the website you can able to run the shopping ads on the Google advocate. You have to maintain a merchant account in the Google and connected to the Google Adword sheet Tu Run Google apps.
Three important components of the Google AdWords
Ad targeting it is one of the most important task of the data marketing expert to target the exact audiences of the services we are able to target by various means is for example keyword location device date and time. We have to categorise our data in marketing campaigns according to these criteria
Ad copy it is also a crucial part you have to visualise your ad before going to submit it in the Google ad network because it is the face of your branding and your business. If your ad is appearing and attractive there is huge chances of conversion in your ad campaign
Landing page
It is the page when user Clicks on the ad and attracts your website at the first time page of your website is appealing mobile friendly and CTA call to action it’s 50% about chances of conversion Google recommend your ad buy the quality score of the add if you want to do you know what is Google quality score of the ad it is the score which is provided by the Google on the data mining of the website page and your ad copy relevancy we strongly recommend you to make a website appealing and it relevant to the ad copy